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About Linda

Linda Hartmann was born and raised in Mesa, Arizona.  She has attended MCC & BYU Hawaii.  While in Hawaii she accompanied the BYU performing group "Showcase Hawaii" a group like unto Young Ambassadors which toured the Hawaiian Islands with live performances.

Linda composed her first song, I'LL FIND YOU MY FRIEND the day before her own missionary farewell.  She served in the Georgia Atlanta Mission.  Since her return, she has composed over 70 songs. She has produced 2 albums of missionary music.  She has also written Young Women's, Childrens and Funeral music.

I'll Find you My Friend has been translated in 20 languages.  Her long range goal is to have the song translated in every language where missionaries are sent and share it with people in their native language.

Linda has worked for the Superior Court of Arizona as a Judicial Administrative Assistant and for the Jury Commissioner in the District Court in Las Vegas.  She moved home to Mesa in 1993 from Las Vegas.  She brought The Beehive to Arizona and worked as the Regional Sales Executive selling all the ads that are in The Beehive Newspaper.   Linda married Steve Hartmann on March 5, 2004, a first marriage for both of them.  She waited a long time for 'the best" and she got it.

She is working on publishing her music book which will include all her missionary songs.  She desires to write a musical entitled, I'LL FIND YOU MY FRIEND with expectations of live performances which will include the music from both albums.

She has helped others in their endeavors to compose and publish their music and is happy to be a resource to any person who needs direction.


Linda K. Hartmann